College in-state vs out-of-state?

It is currently March 23, 2017 of my senior year in high school and I need to make a decision on where I’m going to school in the next 40ish days?! Ever since I was like 5 or so I have DREAMED about attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. I studied and studied my butt of for the ACT but I never do well with standardized tests. I am not shy so I am going to spill about my score which isn’t too hot… 22. Yes, that isn’t bad but for Wisconsin that is below average. The average student usually gets between a 28-32. As I started to joke to myself (sweat nervously) I put my mind to writing two amazing required papers to increase my chances of getting in. But as you guys can tell where this story is going, I didn’t get in. A kid in my grade and I applied for Early Acceptance and they typically only select one student from your school if more than one kid applied. AND haha that other kid got in. Do you want to know the funny part of this story though? He doesn’t even plan to go to Wisconsin, he just applied for the heck of it.

After not getting into my dream school I went through a little pity party stage and starting thinking that no school wanted me and I might as well just settle for The University of Iowa. However, for some odd reason I have fought off going to Iowa ever since I started high school. I think it’s because I was born and raised in Iowa City and I have always loved to get out and try new things so why not do that with college?  My brother and his wife live in Colorado and I recently went out there to visit them over my spring break. I went on at least 4 campus tours of different schools in Colorado and fell in LOVE with The University of Northern Colorado. I came back home and posted on all my social medias that I will be attending UNC in the fall. But, when people started commenting “Congrats!” “I’m so proud of you!” “I’m going to miss you so much.” I started to realize that I didn’t think this through well enough. There are numerous pros and cons to both staying in-state and going out-of-state. I keep going back and forth each day about where I want to go. One day it is Colorado and the next day it is Iowa. Still to this day I can’t make up my mind. How can an 18 year old know that a certain school will be the best for them? IT’S SO HARD! Williams, a writer writing about college experiences hit the nail on the head on why attending an in-state college like The University of Iowa might be the best fit for me.

BUT, like I said, I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do! :)))))

Students who stay in-state can also save on living expenses and travel expenses. By living at home, the average student can expect to save around $10,000 a year in dorm fees. Even if you decide to live on campus, you will still save money on travel fees, such as airline tickets during the holidays and breaks. And with mom close by, you can always pop in every so often for a free meal or to wash a load of laundry.


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