Mile High City? Corn Corn Corn?

Can you guys guess what state I’m talking about? That’s right, the beautiful and breath taking Colorado. Technically the saying “mile high city” relates to Denver but Denver is in Colorado so it’s basically the same thing. I feel like many people have visited Colorado and I have never heard a bad thing said about it. Who doesn’t love shopping on 16th street, hiking at Mount Falcon, visiting the mountains at Breckenridge, and taking the train to go to a Broncos OR Rockies game? There are so many things to do in Colorado and everything is so close together that it doesn’t take long by car to get from one place to another. My brother lives in Parker, Colorado and it took maybe an hour and thirty minutes to get to Breckenridge. NOT BAD AT ALL! While I was visiting I was like, “Yeah okay I could get use to this lifestyle”. You could go out of any place and get a gorgeous view of the mountains.


As I think to myself that I want this lifestyle, I am terrified to leave what is home for me. Iowa. Crazy as it seems I have never been gone from Iowa for more than a week. I don’t know what it is like to start brand new in an unfamiliar place. I absolutely love to travel and I think that’s the one thing in my life that brings me joy. I bash Iowa every chance I get and say that there is nothing to do, which there isn’t. But, once I leave I get homesick. I think I get homesick because most of my family lives in Iowa? I have a love hate relationship with the state known as Iowa. Iowa is low key and not a lot of people know where the state is even located. This post is to basically STILL contemplate between Iowa or Colorado? It will be on my mind until I get my you know what together and figure out my life!!!!


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