Travel Better. Cheaper. Longer.

I stumbled across Nomadic Matt’s blog after searching in Google, “travel blogs”. I’m writing about Matt’s blog as my first post because he kind of inspired me to create my own blog, let alone a travel blog! Every time I went somewhere I would always stop and do the typical touristy things like take pictures of my food and take selfies by weird signs and would say, “THIS IS FOR MY TRAVEL BLOG”. That I never created until I got put into a Composition class that required me to write blog posts for credit and deep down I was jumping with joy because I can finally write about my trips instead of just saying I would. I wanted my blog to be exciting for not only myself but also for readers who happen to also stumble across travel blogs, like myself once did. I keep giggling because I keep writing like I’m this famous and amazing blogger when in reality, this is my first actual post. His blog caught my attention first because; it was colorful, had cool fonts, lots of tabs, and pictures that made me want to pack up my suitcase and hop on the next available flight out of the tiny and crammed Cedar Rapids Airport. Nomadic Matt seems like a young guy and has literally traveled and explored numerous different countries and cities. He makes it seems like anything is possible if you put your mind to it. (if you put your mind to saving enough money to travel). The world today is all about money am I right? Luckily, I have a short schedule right now with high school and this allows me to work and make enough money to put in my savings account to travel. SO, cheers to my first blog and travel!!


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