Intimidated by TSA

Can we just stop and take a moment to talk about how intimidating TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and security personals are? Like I understand that they don’t want some crazy with a bomb to board the plane. But lets be real, it makes the traveling experience a lot better when you have kind people willing to help you. It’s the most frightening thing when the big security guy brings his scary dog over to sniff and search you just because? I met this extremely nice older man as I was taking off my metal Alex and Ani bracelets and the security checkpoint and he said, “honey you don’t need to take those off, that’s what that big machine over there is for and once we see that you have bracelets on we will let you through!” HOWEVER, I got to the spinny thing that detects if you have anything on you and that machine went CRAZY, and when I say crazy that is an understatement. These loud buzzers went off and this not so nice guy said, “have you never flown before, everything needs to come off”. Then he turned to his coworker and rolled his eyes. As my innocent scared self tried to explain to the man that HIS coworker said it was fine he got even more angry and I knew I needed to just stop talking and walk away!!

You know what I also don’t understand? Why do they make you take your shoes off? A shoe can’t hold much more than your foot and their machines could detect IF there is something in a person’s shoe. Then you have to untie your shoes put your shoes back on IN A HURRY before the mean TSA people yell at you for holding the line up and then you need to carry your unorganized self to your gate. Security checkpoints are single handily the worst part of airports.


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