Dramamine     Dramamine Natural

Dramamine has saved my life guys…

I use to never get sick while in a car, on rides, or anything moving. But as I start to get older it’s stating to get really bad. I can’t sit in the backseat of a car without throwing up. I always need shotgun when I ride and all my friends think I’m just saying that so I’m not crammed. But I seriously throw up every time I’m in the back. THE WORST is when I’m in heavy traffic and the start and stopping motion like in Chicago…. I’m done for. It’s not bad when I’m the one behind the wheel but when I am in another seat in the car in heavy traffic I feel like death and I need fresh air.

The first time I flew I didn’t take anything and I threw up in those cheesy airplane puke bags.  But the second time I drank ginger ale and that calmed my stomach a lot but I still felt quite queasy. I looked up ways to stop motion sickness and Dramamine was the first thing that popped up. On my way to Mexico my mom gave me two of the regular Dramamine about an hour before boarding and I have never passed out harder nor faster then I did after taking Dramamine. I passed out on the Atlanta airport floor with drool coming out of my mouth and my hair messy with my blanket half on my body. My mom woke me up and told me to move off the floor so people could move and I didn’t listen to her and fell RIGHT back to sleep. It knocked me on my butt for the whole day and all I wanted to do was sleep. I don’t think it stops or helps the motion sickness that much, I think it just makes you extremely exhausted.

When I flew alone my mom emphasized that I NEEDED to take the natural Dramamine because it has ginger in it and it still makes you aware of your surroundings and conscious. I wasn’t paying any attention because I had both natural and regular in my backpack…. I took two of the regular Dramamine while heading to Denver and I PASSED out on the plane the minute I got on. I put the tray table down and laid my head on it and that was the end of it. I didn’t wake up for the turbulence or the flight attendants coming over the intercom or take off and landing. The lady next to me had to push me to wake me up so she could get out of her seat…. I was very embarrassed and confused on why I passed out. Then, I looked in my backpack and saw that I opened the regular instead of the natural. I now know to NOT pack the regular Dramamine in my carry on if I’m flying alone, ever again. If I’m flying with someone else it might be okay to take the regular because then they can take care of my limp tired body 🙂

If any of you guys get motion sick, I recommended Dramamine. I give it a 10/10 and I take it all the time.


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