Another Nomadic Matt Post! (About Books Surprisingly)

So for my composition class we are starting to look into reading a book based on our overall topic of our blog. If you guys can’t already tell, my blog is about travel. So as I am way ahead of my blog posts for this week for the class and I’m currently writing for two weeks in advance and I thought I should start looking into some book ideas.

Being apart of the iGen or Gen Z generation, I grew up on technology. So of course, I type into Google “Travel Books”. Numerous things came up but they all looked to deep for me. However, Nomadic Matt’s blog popped up and I clicked on it right away. He recommended 13 different books and gave a brief description of each book and why he enjoyed reading it. I almost have a little internet/blog crush on him. Everything he writes about is so interesting and his blog is so mesmerizing, I. Just. Love. It.

Some of the books he recommended looked a little to far for me. And when I say far I mean I don’t think I would understand the meaning and purpose of the book because I am either to young for it or I am not interested.

The one that really captured my attention was, “The Beach”. I know I am not suppose to but I definitely judge a book by it’s cover (and the name). For one, my favorite thing in the world is beaches. That tops everything for being my “happy place”. The feeling I get when I’m at a beach is hard to describe. The best word I guess would be, home. He mentions that this book is about backpackers and their quest to find paradise. The next one that intrigued me was, “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s search for the happiest places in the world”. First off, that title is amazing. “The Geography of Bliss”… like that is so calming and makes you want to dive in and read it. The next part about a grumpy man searching for the happiest places in the world. Like urg, travel can make someone feel truly happy and bring joy to a persons life. It’s crazy what travel can do for a persons soul.

SO, now I’m stuck. I want to read them both.


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