Barnes & Noble (FOUND MY BOOK)!

Hey guys,

It’s me. again. and I am back to say that I went to Barnes & Noble and I found my book that I have to read for class…. actually, I found three. And I bought them all.

 (This was taken on the Barnes & Noble floor)

I was going to go to the public library this weekend to get my book for my Composition class. (like I said in the earlier post, we have to read a book about our overall topic of this blog and then we get to write a paper about it). But, I think I am kicked out of the public library because I never bring my books back on time… like ever. I’m an odd student and I love writing papers, essays, and book reviews. Of course I always think I am right so writing a book review is my absolute favorite. Also, this is the only way I enjoy reading. If I get to choose the book and if I get to write my opinion on it. Okay, I am getting off topic.

In my recent post about Nomadic Matt’s recommendation about which travel books to read I could only find one at Barnes & Noble. However, I was so excited that I found “The Geography of Bliss”!! I am so excited to start jumping in and reading it. I am scared I am going to spend all my paychecks on plane tickets and car rentals after reading this though, actually any of the books! When I read or see other peoples stories and experiences with traveling it makes me want to go on an adventure right away.

There were so many stories about traveling and different places around the world I wanted to buy them all. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop reading the descriptions of these books. That felt weird saying out loud because I use to hate reading. I think I have Mr. Ayers to thank because I would have never started this blog nor enjoy reading this much if it wasn’t for joining his class. I am having so much fun with this blog and I feel like I have so much to say and I apologize if I keep rambling. I am going to write a little review about each of the three books I chose so keep an eye out for those! It may be awhile though because I have a very busy schedule. I am going to link a summery of each of the books I picked out in case any of you guys are interested in reading one of these books yourself. 🙂

The Geography of Bliss:


The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost:  



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