Where It All Started

My love for travel happened at a young age.. it’s kind of an odd story actually so I thought I should write about it.

Growing up, a lot of my peers went on marvelous and crazy trips. From London, England to Los Angeles, California. While I on the other hand went to a little and very unknown place called Door County, Wisconsin. Maybe you guys have heard of it but a lot of you probably have not. It is in the northern tip of Wisconsin where it breaks off.

I have gone to Door County every summer since I was maybe 3. I grew up riding in a car for 8 hours and passing through dinky and sketchy cities. I grew up on the lake and with no wifi nor T.V. on vacation. I grew up with no chain restaurants and no name brand shops. I had the “Blue Ox”, “Al’ Johnson’s”, and “Not Licked Yet” to eat at. And, “Harbor Wear”, “Nan & Jerry’s”, and “The Irish House” to shop at. My trips were very different than my friends growing up. I spent my week of vacation in a tiny tiny cabin on Lake Michigan. Yes, that sounds very nice. Our very own cabin but I didn’t get the luxury of going out out to the ocean or dress up all fancy for dinner because this was an old fashion vacation and it didn’t have the modern conveniences. I was following the traditions of my mom and my grandma and my great grandma. My grandma and grandpa went to Door County every year for 47 years.

I would say going to Door County made me more modest and humble because they didn’t offer the most prestigious of things. And, I was okay with that. In 2017, they are building a Jimmy Johns in one of the local towns and none of the townspeople nor vacationers who visit there frequently, agree with that. For me, Door County is a place where there are no chains and you get to take in the beauty of nature, the locals, and the culture of this place that no one has heard about. This is where my love for travel all started though. Passing through cities that no one has ever been to. Eating junk food and stopping at a “Pick and Save” to find the cheapest of snacks. (well known store in Wisconsin). And, Door County will always have a special place in my heart. As I get older however, I am ready to go experience bigger and better things and I am ready to start finding myself through travel.


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