The Cheapest Way to Fly

So, it is currently 7:07 AM on a Monday morning and I am drinking some raspberry hibiscus tea and I should really be getting ready for school… however, that is not what I am doing as you can see.

I was eating breakfast and talking with my mom about why we can’t get a hold of an actual person at the Spirit Airlines call desk to book our free round trip ticket to WHERE EVER Spirit flies… We are getting so frustrated and then the question came up, “I wonder what the cheapest days and ways to fly are?” and then a light bulb went off in my head and I was like YES!! perfect for my next blog post. We are getting very fed up because we can’t even book the free flight so at this point, I am ready to just give up these tickets and book something cheap to where we wanted to go.

As I get on my handy dandy laptop I look up “cheap flights”. Of course the typical websites like Kayak and Expedia pop up. I scroll through all those because that is NOT what I am looking for. Here I am getting mad at something that isn’t real…. again. I stumble across Travel Zoo, I have never heard of this website. Let me just tell you, after reading this article I am ready to work at Travel Zoo. These people get paid to write about travel, and this particle article is about the Do’s and Don’ts of flying.

The things that shocked me the most??

The Do’s:

-If you’re traveling with more people only search for a ticket one at a time

They jack up the prices if you put “2 passengers” in when you first search.. did not know that.

-Airlines launch their sales midweek

-Searching for 2 one-way fares may end up saving you some big bucks.

I would have never thought of that one. Especially if you’re booking with two different airline companies.

-Booking on a Holiday would actually save you money

I always thought that flying out on the actually Holiday would be 1) crazy expensive and 2) super busy… I guess I was wrong!!


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