Mexico… The Place That Fills My Heart

Party country, spring break getaway, and the country where “BUILD A WALL” is chanted across the border. Many of you have probably been to Mexico, yes. But, you may be apart of the build a wall chants and get too crazy during spring break. I on the other hand have a different connection with Mexico. It is my place, my happy place. I have a passion for that country.

The first time I went to Mexico was for my brothers wedding in 2014, that was my first time on a plane and the first time out of the country. I didn’t really pay attention to the breath taking country until I went back again with my family in April AND December… 2016. This time we weren’t busy getting ready for a wedding. We got to really take in the country for what is truly was.. and yes, we went back twice in one year.


Okay, so yes, I just spammed you guys with pictures but to be honest I couldn’t decide which one to choose so I just picked them all. Let me tell you, these people are real and honest and genuine. They care about you, like actually care about your well being. They are my friends.. these people that I met and hung out with for only a week are better friends then most of the people I see and talk to everyday. I care more about the friends I made while in Mexico then anyone else. I developed a deep connection with these people and I truly love them with all of my heart. I miss them more and more everyday. See that is the thing about Mexico, the people who live there are so kind and sweet and are so happy with so little and they make you realize that you don’t need much to be happy. While I was in Mexico I fell in love with the culture but more then that…. the people.

How could you not fall in love with those views though? Waking up every morning to the breath taking sunrises. I could get use to waking up every morning to that… and maybe having a cup of coffee on my little porch? yeah I think I could do that.

People always assume the worst when I bring up living in Mexico but at this point I don’t care what people think… it is my honest to god dream to spend my life in Mexico and grow old there. I am not happy with where I am at right now and when I go to Mexico there is an indescribable feeling that comes over me. I can’t explain it, I mean I guess the best was to say it is: bliss. Everything fades away and I am at peace with myself. I love that country more than you guys know…



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