The Best Beaches

Who doesn’t love the beach? Sandy toes, warm salty waters, and the hot sun beating down on your innocent and pure skin. I think I belong on the beach… it is the only thing that brings me pure bliss. I mean, some people like the mountains or the desert. But I on the other hand, the beach is my happy place. Nothing will ever compare to the beach.

I have only been to a few “beaches”. I put beaches in quotes because I am sure they aren’t really beaches. I mean… I’m from Iowa people. There are no beaches near us so we make do with what we can.

I love lists so lets see…

-“The Res” in Iowa City

-Lake McBride in Iowa City

-Lake Michigan in Wisconsin

-Clark’s Lake in Wisconsin

-Pacific Ocean while in Mexico

And…. that’s about it. So as you can see I am dying to find new beaches to explore and fall in love with.

If you really think about it though, there are SOOO many beaches in the world! Like literally all over the world…


So here are the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. I definitely didn’t think that South Africa would have pretty beaches because I associate Africa with the jungle, ya feel?

My dream is to go to the Maldives just to see their beaches. I have seen so many pictures on Twitter and Facebook of the Maldives and it is absolutely stunning…. I am not going to lie I have no idea where the Maldives is located on a map so that just shows that I need to explore the world and visit these gorgeous places.

The beach is calling and I must go… bye for now!


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