Gap Year

Like in my earlier posts, college is a difficult thing for me at the moment. I have no idea where the right places to go for me are. How will I know unless I try? but trying something and hating it is the worst. I mean I thought I figured it out and was planning on doing one year at a local community college and then transferring to a 4-year institute in my state. I was going to do the 2-2 program but after talking with my counselor she said for what I want to go in to it would be better for me to do one year and then transfer. So once again, my plans getting jumbled up. But, this is not the purpose of this post.

One of my friends at my high school is taking a “gap year” and is volunteering in Norway. Another friend, is riding her horse across Europe before going to college. I never really thought about doing a gap year because I mean every one always told me to go straight to college after you graduate high school. It might not be a bad idea though. I think gap years could help a student find who they really are and let them discover new things about themselves. I mean, I’m sure you guys can already tell where I want to go right? Mexico. Easy. However, I don’t know where to start? Do I just google gap year programs or volunteering in Mexico? Do I talk to my counselor? Who knows…..

According to Suzy Strutner, a lifestyle writer with the Huffington Post states that students who take a gap year between high school and college are living life to the fullest compared to students who don’t.

3. You’ll get to adventure at your prime.
When else are you going to be 18 years old with no job, no mortgage payments, no significant other, no kids, no homework and no worries? Never. The answer is never.

4. You’ll know what’s important in life before most people do.
College is ridiculously fun, but it’s easy to get so caught up that you begin to believe your fraternity or friend group is the absolute center of the universe. As such, any small crisis might seem like the end of the world. However, if you’ve traveled the wider world in all its complexity and glory, you’ll understand there are bigger issues for humanity than a failed date night or lost game of beer pong.

This were only a few that stuck out to me. When I traveled to Mexico for a week on vacation I came back to the states a different person. I was humble and I realized the deeper meaning of life and it’s purpose. The things that you think matter really don’t and it’s the small things that creates a person’s happiness. I will be 18 turning 19 and it would be the perfect age to go explore. I don’t have to be accountable for much except for myself. I want to study abroad of course during my college time but I think doing something before will prepare me for the adventures in my future.

If I’m not ready now, to go to college.. why not go somewhere and spend a year helping others and exploring new things and finding new things about myself. I think that would prepare me for things in college than anything else. I would retain more knowledge and I would find what I loved to do before I started taking classes during college. Life is unfolding too quickly for me right now… I think I need some time to think. Some time to explore and experience new possibilities.


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