I have always wanted a GoPro. Like actually I’m almost like fan girling because of how excited I am to write this post. These are like every travelers dream. Almost like a new camera for a photographer.

To be honest these look so dumb on a persons head.. lets have a quick laugh really quick.

What is this hahaha.. But, when you see someone with this on you already know that they are catching some awesome and rad footage while on vacation or exploring. A GoPro on a persons head allows for you to capture all the cool things on film and experience them first hand. It’s amazing. These little cameras are durable AND waterproof and it doesn’t get much better then this. Back in the day if you wanted a video or a photo of yourself doing something you needed another human being present. GoPro’s allow for adventurers and travel gurus to get unique and different content. When buying a GoPro and setting up an account makes editing easier then ever, GoPro has it’s own editing software so you just transfer your footage to the software and BOOM. Easy as that.

I always thought that the GoPro was only for videos but it is also for pictures as well. So you don’t need to carry your bungle-sum camera with you on vacation.

Let’s talk about the cool videos we have all seen on Twitter on Facebook of people traveling the world, and capturing footage while using their GoPro. I think it’s after watching videos like these that make me want to pack my bags and go and film amazing videos like this but every time I try it never turns out like I want it. It doesn’t look like this…

I don’t think GoPro’s are that expensive either. I think the newest and nicest one is around $200. However, I think every traveler should invest in a GoPro. Once I’m not broke I think I’m going to go out and buy one.. for my next trip!! 😉


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