Studying Abroad

My biggest life goal at the moment is to study abroad. Nothing excites me more. Spending several months overseas in a place that you get to choose and you get to go to a new school and still get the credits for the school that you are attending back home. I don’t think it gets more awesome than that. I would love to study abroad right now, but I’m only a high school senior. In my recent post I talked about taking a gap year and I think that may be the best thing for me at the moment. But for right now I want to write about all the pros to studying abroad. Of course, there are cons but I hate debbie downers so I’m not going to talk about them!!

This is me…… not literally. I’m not the baby in the picture. This would be my facial expression. Not good at English nor Spanish.

When I study abroad I want to go to a Spanish speaking country. I’m not terrible at Spanish but I’m also not a fluent native speaker either so I already know that this is going to be me once I’m there for a couple days.

There are countless reasons why studying abroad is a good idea. The list would probably go on for forever. At least when I’m writing because I honestly see no cons to it!

For one, you get to see the world. You get to experience new ideas, cultures, activities, and natural wonders of that country. The coolest part about studying abroad is that you’re not limited to just the country that you are studying in. You can visit the neighboring countries. So yes, you are studying in an amazing and new foreign country but you get to also visit and see new countries as well.

When studying abroad think about all the new things that you’re getting to experience. You get to try new foods, traditions, and a new social atmosphere for creating and keeping new relationships. You also have to think about what you can teach other people about your home country, customs, traditions, and language. As you are excited to learn new things about the country you are studying in, the people in that country will flock and attach to you to learn new things from your country as well!

Studying abroad is also an amazing idea for new career opportunities. It looks great on applications and resumes. You have a willingness to learn new things and new ideas so you are attractive for future employers. Not only that, before you get locked down at a 9-5 job you should take the opportunity to explore the world. You won’t be locked down and studying abroad will give you an experience unlike anything else.

I can’t wait to start planning where I’m going to study!!


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