Hello! I wonder how you stumbled across this page? However, I’m sure glad you did! This blog was first created for my high school Composition class but, I’ve always been fascinated by blogs. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I’m a high school senior with huge ambitious dreams. I want to be an Elementary school teacher and have an endorsement in Spanish with an end goal of teaching English as a second language. My dream job is to teach in a Spanish speaking country. I have always loved to travel, passing through different cities in the backseat of a car as a little girl made me humble because of the way other people lived. I went on my first airplane ride my Freshman year of high school to Mexico. Yeah, I know! My first plane ride was to a foreign country. However, I have an attachment to airports. They are almost like a metaphor for life.  I am the girl who DOES get to the airport two hours early just to buy those trinkets in the gift shop and hangout at my gate and watch the planes go by. I am fascinated by how many people and planes fly in and out of a airport daily. Where are they all going and why?! Wow, that was not suppose to be that long. Looks like I got carried away!!! Basically, this blog is going to be about traveling and why I find it so important for the soul.

Blog - Payton