The Cheapest Day’s to Fly for Summer 2017

For many of you.. I am sure you are all looking forward to the warm summer days. I mean who doesn’t? I am also sure a lot of you reading this post are interested in going somewhere for vacation during the summer before you go back to work or school.

Of course the beating question in every travelers mind is the cost of airfare and if they will be able to afford it or not. I know that is the problem in my household. I mean, it’s only my mom and dad and I. Nonetheless, those dollar signs add up pretty quickly and as we all know that the airline companies will do whatever it takes to take your money.

Recently, I did some research about when would be the best time to fly this summer and I found some interesting information that I am excited to share with all of you. I found this website called, “Conde Nast Traveler“.  This website is for all of you traveling guru’s! It interested me but I don’t have a lot of time to dig deep into it because I have so much going on. So, if any of you guys have time take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.

According to CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee, the cheapest day to fly during summer 2017 is June 6th. Where as the most expensive day to fly for the summer of 2017 is July 9th.

If July was the month you were planning to take some time off, then book a flight on the 4th because it is actually the least expensive day to travel during during that month.

Like I said in my latest blog post, booking a flight on a Holiday actually saves you money?! I would have never guessed that.

So if you’re planning to travel during this upcoming summer remember:

-June 6th = the cheapest day to fly

-July 9th = the most expensive day to fly

-Book 2 one way tickets

-Flying out on a Holiday will save you money

– Look up individual tickets for the passengers instead of all together

Okay, there are a few tips from me!! Ready. Set. GO!!!! Go book your dream vacation (just not on July 9th)!!!!!

I have no idea where this is but, I would do anything to be on that lounge chair right now.


The Cheapest Way to Fly

So, it is currently 7:07 AM on a Monday morning and I am drinking some raspberry hibiscus tea and I should really be getting ready for school… however, that is not what I am doing as you can see.

I was eating breakfast and talking with my mom about why we can’t get a hold of an actual person at the Spirit Airlines call desk to book our free round trip ticket to WHERE EVER Spirit flies… We are getting so frustrated and then the question came up, “I wonder what the cheapest days and ways to fly are?” and then a light bulb went off in my head and I was like YES!! perfect for my next blog post. We are getting very fed up because we can’t even book the free flight so at this point, I am ready to just give up these tickets and book something cheap to where we wanted to go.

As I get on my handy dandy laptop I look up “cheap flights”. Of course the typical websites like Kayak and Expedia pop up. I scroll through all those because that is NOT what I am looking for. Here I am getting mad at something that isn’t real…. again. I stumble across Travel Zoo, I have never heard of this website. Let me just tell you, after reading this article I am ready to work at Travel Zoo. These people get paid to write about travel, and this particle article is about the Do’s and Don’ts of flying.

The things that shocked me the most??

The Do’s:

-If you’re traveling with more people only search for a ticket one at a time

They jack up the prices if you put “2 passengers” in when you first search.. did not know that.

-Airlines launch their sales midweek

-Searching for 2 one-way fares may end up saving you some big bucks.

I would have never thought of that one. Especially if you’re booking with two different airline companies.

-Booking on a Holiday would actually save you money

I always thought that flying out on the actually Holiday would be 1) crazy expensive and 2) super busy… I guess I was wrong!!

Why Airports Feed My Soul

Many people find that airports are stressful and time consuming. Which yes, indeed they are… but many people including myself find that airports are actually good therapy. Who doesn’t love that feeling of being able to go to a new city or state or even country that they have never been to before. And be able to experience something completely new and different, that’s an amazing feeling!!

I think the most fun part is when you’re traveling alone and you get to wander around the massive place and waste your money in the Duty Free shop ALL ALONE! No one is bothering you and you get to do what you choose and be free. I think finding your gate is the second best part because you are in a hurry and you are full of excitement and once you find it everything becomes more real and you are about to go on an amazing trip and be able to escape your everyday life.

Dealing with anxiety, many people would find it confusing that I love airports so much. They are busy and loud and nerve-racking and they don’t seem like the place for a person dealing with anxiety. However, I find them extremely therapeutic because I have a deep passion for traveling. No one knows me and no one knows where I am going and I get to people watch and see where all these thousands upon thousands of people are going and I have no clue why. It’s absolutely fascinating. Is it for work? Do you travel often? How many airports have you been to? Vacation? Visiting family? No one has any idea why a person is leaving their everyday life to hop on an airplane and go to a new city. When you are in an airport you get to see different people of different race, ethnicity, and cultural background. You get to seek out what a person is truly like when you see them at an airport.

According to Alex Brueckner, airports symbolize new beginnings and long-awaited endings, arrivals and departures, and many hellos and goodbyes. You get a numerous different emotions while entering and exiting an airport.

I love the sounds in an airport. I like the sounds of baggage wheels clacking on the moving sidewalk, a boarding pass being torn off, and my passport being stamped. All of those are comforting reminders that I am either almost home or soon to be somewhere new and exciting.


Dramamine     Dramamine Natural

Dramamine has saved my life guys…

I use to never get sick while in a car, on rides, or anything moving. But as I start to get older it’s stating to get really bad. I can’t sit in the backseat of a car without throwing up. I always need shotgun when I ride and all my friends think I’m just saying that so I’m not crammed. But I seriously throw up every time I’m in the back. THE WORST is when I’m in heavy traffic and the start and stopping motion like in Chicago…. I’m done for. It’s not bad when I’m the one behind the wheel but when I am in another seat in the car in heavy traffic I feel like death and I need fresh air.

The first time I flew I didn’t take anything and I threw up in those cheesy airplane puke bags.  But the second time I drank ginger ale and that calmed my stomach a lot but I still felt quite queasy. I looked up ways to stop motion sickness and Dramamine was the first thing that popped up. On my way to Mexico my mom gave me two of the regular Dramamine about an hour before boarding and I have never passed out harder nor faster then I did after taking Dramamine. I passed out on the Atlanta airport floor with drool coming out of my mouth and my hair messy with my blanket half on my body. My mom woke me up and told me to move off the floor so people could move and I didn’t listen to her and fell RIGHT back to sleep. It knocked me on my butt for the whole day and all I wanted to do was sleep. I don’t think it stops or helps the motion sickness that much, I think it just makes you extremely exhausted.

When I flew alone my mom emphasized that I NEEDED to take the natural Dramamine because it has ginger in it and it still makes you aware of your surroundings and conscious. I wasn’t paying any attention because I had both natural and regular in my backpack…. I took two of the regular Dramamine while heading to Denver and I PASSED out on the plane the minute I got on. I put the tray table down and laid my head on it and that was the end of it. I didn’t wake up for the turbulence or the flight attendants coming over the intercom or take off and landing. The lady next to me had to push me to wake me up so she could get out of her seat…. I was very embarrassed and confused on why I passed out. Then, I looked in my backpack and saw that I opened the regular instead of the natural. I now know to NOT pack the regular Dramamine in my carry on if I’m flying alone, ever again. If I’m flying with someone else it might be okay to take the regular because then they can take care of my limp tired body 🙂

If any of you guys get motion sick, I recommended Dramamine. I give it a 10/10 and I take it all the time.

Spirit Airlines

What it is REALLY like to fly with Spirit…..

Sooooo, guys I found this amazing BuzzFeed article on what it is really like to fly with Spirit airlines and it hit the nail on the head for what my experiences were like when I flew alone for the first time when I decided to fly through Spirit.

Of course I decided to go somewhere for spring break extremely last minute. So I did some digging for the cheapest airfare to Denver on Expedia, Cheap Flights, and Kayak. I have always heard about Spirit but have never flown with them before. A round trip ticket from O’Hare to Denver International airport was only $100 for a week! CHEAP AS HECK! I BOOKED IT RIGHT AWAY…. of course without reading the small fine print.

I had a delay of three hours at O’Hare waiting to fly to Denver. The thing was, they didn’t have a plane for us. WHAT AIRLINE COMPANY OR AIRPORT DOESN’T HAVE AN AIRPLANE? so, they stopped an airplane in mid air flying from Tampa to Salt Lake in Chicago. They put all of us heading to Denver on this plane and made all the people heading to Utah wait until the next available plane was ready. (if I was on that plane to Utah I would be extremely p’d off). Then they charge you $100 dollars for your checked bags IF you check them in at the desk when you’re checking in. AND, they make you pay for a carry-on. They allow you to have a personal item but it has to be of a certain size and if the flight attendants don’t approve of it they can make you take it off and pay for it as a carry-on. Also, if you don’t print your boarding pass at home they will charge you an additional $10. LUCKILY, the day before leaving my mom checked my itinerary online and read the small print and freaked out and Face-timed me right away saying, “YOU BETTER PAY FOR YOUR BAGS RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL PAY 100 DOLLARS AT THE DESK”. I freaked out because my shopaholic self only had maybe 20 dollars left in my account. So, my mom put $50 dollars in my account and I paid online and my checked bag was only $40 dollars instead of $100.

My last and not so fun experience with Spirit was that I was suppose to leave on a Thursday and when I got to the check in desk the man behind the counter said that they didn’t have a seat for me and that they are only allowing passengers who have a connecting flight at O’Hare to board. So, I was stuck in Denver for another night and would be able to fly out the next day. Spirit didn’t even email me to say that I didn’t have a seat or that my flight was delayed. However, they did give me two free round trip tickets to wherever Spirit flies. The plane was very nice and clean but you pay a little amount for the ticket but an absurd amount for everything else. I will definitely pay the extra money for a nicer and more reliable airline company. I MAY be able to put up with Spirit one last time for my free tickets since I do love to travel, WHERE WILL I GO?!?!?

Intimidated by TSA

Can we just stop and take a moment to talk about how intimidating TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and security personals are? Like I understand that they don’t want some crazy with a bomb to board the plane. But lets be real, it makes the traveling experience a lot better when you have kind people willing to help you. It’s the most frightening thing when the big security guy brings his scary dog over to sniff and search you just because? I met this extremely nice older man as I was taking off my metal Alex and Ani bracelets and the security checkpoint and he said, “honey you don’t need to take those off, that’s what that big machine over there is for and once we see that you have bracelets on we will let you through!” HOWEVER, I got to the spinny thing that detects if you have anything on you and that machine went CRAZY, and when I say crazy that is an understatement. These loud buzzers went off and this not so nice guy said, “have you never flown before, everything needs to come off”. Then he turned to his coworker and rolled his eyes. As my innocent scared self tried to explain to the man that HIS coworker said it was fine he got even more angry and I knew I needed to just stop talking and walk away!!

You know what I also don’t understand? Why do they make you take your shoes off? A shoe can’t hold much more than your foot and their machines could detect IF there is something in a person’s shoe. Then you have to untie your shoes put your shoes back on IN A HURRY before the mean TSA people yell at you for holding the line up and then you need to carry your unorganized self to your gate. Security checkpoints are single handily the worst part of airports.