Travel Agents

Do any of you still know about these people and what they do? I hope that you do. I honestly think these people are honestly the best and I wish that they were still useful and people used them more. With my experience with travel agents, I encountered nothing but the best. I always think that they have access to sources that we at home do not. Because how do they find such good deals?

Now a days though travel agents are hardly used. With today’s technology everything is 10x easier. You can book your vacation online by booking directly from hotels and airline companies. Travel blogs like ‘Nomadic Matt’ and other websites that provide good deals for the customer are taking over travel agents.

In a recent Huffington Post article it states that even in today’s world it is still extremely beneficial to organize your vacation through a travel agent or travel agency.

International travel especially is extremely important to stay organized and a travel agent can help you with just that. They take into consideration your budget and the dates that you are wanting to travel and they take your travel wishes seriously and do all legwork. As the traveler, travel agents provide a sense of security and ease your travel worries. Not only that, but they give you advice about where you’re about to travel. This is their job so they know what they’re talking about. It’s legit.

In the traveling world, the question of “is a travel agent worth it?” is a big controversy. They come with a lot of myths. “Travel Agents are for non frequent travelers”. That is so not true. I am a frequent traveler and I go through a travel agent EVERY TIME I go international. I’m telling you right now if you are planning to go on a cruise, go through a travel agency. They have connections with cruise lines and they get deals that an average person wouldn’t find on the internet. It’s just like that. They have connections and they are there to find you the best deal.

I know a lot of you think that you can book a trip on your own, yes that is true. But, travel agents are there to help you. They are there to do all the work and are there if anything goes wrong. They do the complex stuff. Travel agents are on the rise again with the millennial generation. And, I couldn’t be more happy. Being a travel agent would be my dream job… making people happy through travel.


Why Data Roaming Costs so Much

I can’t be the only one who thinks the internet is so expensive when going International right? I mean it is ridiculous! The price for international roaming ranges from $15 dollars a day to $50 dollars a day. If you stay for a week that’s $100-$350 for internet. I mean we have to be realistic… everyone wants internet while on vacation to post selfies and pictures of their food on Snap Chat and Instagram because that’s the world that we live in now..

I started thinking, there has to be a reason for this right? Like the reason why airplane tickets are so expensive is because of the fuel needed to get the customers from one place to another and the maintenance of the aircraft. So, there has to be a reason why cell phone companies charge so  much for international roaming.

I did some digging. According to David Meyer, data roaming charges vary between operators.

To make it easier, the reason why charges are so expensive is simple. When you are two different countries there are two different carriers that are involved. Both carriers (operators) run smoothly with no laws or regulations but they do have long term agreements. Carriers charge different prices for different countries so planning ahead while booking a vacation may be good for your pocket if you are planning to use your cell phone. Charges for a phone call are around $3.00 a minutes and using data is even more, it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately customers will pay this price because they “need” their phone. Like I said, this is the world that we live in now, where we go crazy without our phone and going on vacation without it would be unimaginable. It’s a pure monopoly and it sucks for an average person but we time and time again pay for it.

The problem with the argument is operators don’t build their networks for foreign visitors; they build them for their domestic customers. Most have already made their money back. “Roaming charges are prohibitive, very expensive if you compare them with local charges, and there’s no reason why those prices should be that high.”

There are ways to save though. Honestly not a lot… but there are some steps you can do before going on your trip overseas so your tiny cell phone doesn’t brake your bank account. Some carriers have international plans that allow the customer to just “switch” over to the specific countries data plan. It still gets expensive, mostly for calls though. So using the internet in the long run isn’t that bad. Getting a sim-card and finding a local hotspot for WiFi will allow for you to save money as well.