How to Save Money

Of course traveling is expensive and typically you never think that you’ll end up spending as much as you do. Time and time again it seems that we all go way over our budget when planning and executing vacations.

I think the hardest part is figuring out how much money that you need to save. Because like I said earlier… you never think it’s going to be a lot until it’s too late. I would say to always save more than you think that you need. A savings plan is always beneficial for any life scenario but it’s especially useful for travelers. Saving before your trip allows for you to take bits and pieces of money and stock it away for safe keeping and still be able to pay your bills. I think saving for a trip is exciting, it gives you something to look forward to and it’s extremely rewarding saving your own money and buying your own trip from it.

There are typically 5 basic steps for this article that readers need to take away..

  1. Assessment
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Creating a Plan
  4. Implementation
  5.  Monitoring and Reassessment

Assessment is key because you need to be realistic. Can you actually afford this or are your dreams a little to big? To make things easier you can look over your income and start a budget. Use an excel spreadsheet. Write it in your journal or on a piece of paper for the month. Budget out what you need like food, rent, your car payment, etc. Then of course budget out things like a night out with friends or a new shirt. Dine in, trust me it is cheaper. But set a specific number amount so you can’t go over it. Then what is ever left put it in your savings account. To make it even better start a savings account where you can’t touch the money unless you physically go into the bank. That was my biggest problem when trying to save, I would dig into it here and there because it was so easy to go online and transfer it to my checking account.

You guys might think this is crazy but starting a change jar will end up surprising you. I know there is some loose change in your pockets or cup holders or in the dryer.. put them in the jar. It doesn’t look like it’s a lot of money but over time, it adds up significantly. Find a local second hand store near you that lets you sell your items for money. Donate blood or plasma. Get a side job for the weekends. Create a Go-Fund me account. The possibilities are endless. It will take time but if you start early enough and plan ahead it won’t seem like it’s that long. But if you wait last minutes to book a trip coming up with the money quickly will be difficult.

Creating a plan and sticking to it is what will be the most helpful for saving money for your trip. If you create a plan, sticking to it is the easy part. After the first couple months it becomes a habit. If you love to travel you will find a way to save, no matter what it takes. It’s hard but in the end… it’s worth it.


Why Data Roaming Costs so Much

I can’t be the only one who thinks the internet is so expensive when going International right? I mean it is ridiculous! The price for international roaming ranges from $15 dollars a day to $50 dollars a day. If you stay for a week that’s $100-$350 for internet. I mean we have to be realistic… everyone wants internet while on vacation to post selfies and pictures of their food on Snap Chat and Instagram because that’s the world that we live in now..

I started thinking, there has to be a reason for this right? Like the reason why airplane tickets are so expensive is because of the fuel needed to get the customers from one place to another and the maintenance of the aircraft. So, there has to be a reason why cell phone companies charge so  much for international roaming.

I did some digging. According to David Meyer, data roaming charges vary between operators.

To make it easier, the reason why charges are so expensive is simple. When you are two different countries there are two different carriers that are involved. Both carriers (operators) run smoothly with no laws or regulations but they do have long term agreements. Carriers charge different prices for different countries so planning ahead while booking a vacation may be good for your pocket if you are planning to use your cell phone. Charges for a phone call are around $3.00 a minutes and using data is even more, it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately customers will pay this price because they “need” their phone. Like I said, this is the world that we live in now, where we go crazy without our phone and going on vacation without it would be unimaginable. It’s a pure monopoly and it sucks for an average person but we time and time again pay for it.

The problem with the argument is operators don’t build their networks for foreign visitors; they build them for their domestic customers. Most have already made their money back. “Roaming charges are prohibitive, very expensive if you compare them with local charges, and there’s no reason why those prices should be that high.”

There are ways to save though. Honestly not a lot… but there are some steps you can do before going on your trip overseas so your tiny cell phone doesn’t brake your bank account. Some carriers have international plans that allow the customer to just “switch” over to the specific countries data plan. It still gets expensive, mostly for calls though. So using the internet in the long run isn’t that bad. Getting a sim-card and finding a local hotspot for WiFi will allow for you to save money as well.