Why do people live in the desert?

I have never been to a desert. I have seen them in movies and on T.V. and I’m not going to lie… I don’t see what’s so great about them? It’s basically a flat land and it seems like there is nothing for miles and miles. There is usually a lot of sand and hills and I’m pretty sure the desert is extremely humid. Let me tell you, I hate humidity. It not only makes my hair frizz but it feels sticky and you sweat, like a lot a lot.

This is literally my hair when I step outside with humidity in Iowa… can’t imagine what it would be like if I lived in the desert like Arizona or Texas.

I don’t see the benefits of living in the desert.

– The land is undeveloped. – The climate is warmer. – Medical conditions such as allergies and respirator ailments are relieve. – The job market is less competitive. – Housing costs are lower. – An urban metropolis is nowhere in sight. – The scenery is desolate and beautiful.

A leading publisher says that there are numerous reasons for why a person should live in the desert. But to me, these don’t seem like good reasons. I mean they do, but not strong enough reasons for me to choose to live in the desert. Yes, the climate is warmer but like I said, the desert is extremely humid. I don’t know if I could do day in and day out with constant humidity. I truly don’t think I would be happy. I get grumpy and irritable when it’s humid out. Let’s also talk about how dangerous it can be if it gets too humid. A lot of children, pets, and elderly can’t go outside because of the harsh conditions? So why would anyone want to live where they have to be stuck inside all day. All the things listed above can be found anywhere, and the scenery isn’t beautiful in my opinion… it’s flat and dry?

Overall, I think the main reason why people choose to live in the desert is because it is less crowded and their roots dig back to their ancestors living in the desert. If you aren’t a city person the desert will probably be the place for you. In LA for example, there are buildings are almost touching each other and there isn’t a lot of room.

Researchers have found that humidity in the desert can reach a low enough point making the levels easier to prevent diseases specifically lung disease.

I may risk my health to live somewhere that isn’t so humid. I’m not the kind of girl that enjoys feeling like I just took a shower all day. I think I’m going to just take vacations to the desert because I know I won’t have to stay for long. And let’s be real… the views are pretty breathtaking.