Mental Health While traveling

So yes.. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety and depression disorder. Supposedly, this has been going on ever since I was a little girl. I use to worry about every little thing possible. But the severe depression and anxiety started more recently, like this past summer. I’m not going to get into a lot of details but I was sexually harassed at my job and my life took a complete 180. I was scared to leave my house, let alone my bed. I was scared someone was going to touch me inappropriately again. I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself and thought that I did something to make this happen to me. I know now that isn’t the case..

However, one thing saved me. And that one thing was travel. And adventure. Traveling made me go out of my comfort zone. It allowed for me to try new things and make me come out of my shell again. Traveling got me to meet new people and when I was put in a new setting it got me to talk again. Be able to use my voice and be heard and have normal conversations again.

It’s kind of strange. The one thing that saved me for spiraling down a deep hole was getting up and going. Going where ever my mind took me. My trip to Mexico this past summer had me worried. I was afraid of getting on the plane, I was afraid of the people I might encounter, I was afraid that the one thing I loved most in the world was taken away from me. That wasn’t the case at all. When I went back in the airport for the first time after my situation everything fell back into place. I felt a sort of ease that I haven’t felt in a long time. Like I said in my previous posts, the people I met were beyond amazing. They were the most genuine people. They were kind and watched out for me. I felt like someone finally cared. And while I was on that trip, I felt nothing. No depression. No anxiety. No bad thoughts. No worry wort Payton anymore. It was an incredible feeling.

I believe that travel benefits a person’s mental health. You become your true self and you get to enhance your personality. You get more than just a happy feeling. The excitement and feelings you get during and after your trip aren’t just all. You get that feeling before, you know that you are going to be traveling soon and it gives you that added push to get through tough situations. I think the best thing about travel is it gets you to make and create strong relationships. Traveling puts you in those situations to enhance not only yourself but other’s around you as well. Having people around for you to get through tough situations while traveling will make dealing with situations back in reality, easier.


My Tattoos

Tattoos seem to be a big controversy. My mom has two and she still has to hide them when we see her because my grandma grew up in a time where tattoos where considered a taboo. My mom did too, she almost felt guilty getting them because she grew up being taught that they were wrong. However, now a days, tattoos are a way of expressing yourself. They are art.

When I left Mexico, I realized that I am in love with this country and it was now apart of me. When I was there I didn’t feel anxious or depressed; I felt bliss. Pure happiness.  At the time I was 18 and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to get a tattoo of something resembling Mexico. I needed it because that place is my home and I needed something to remind me of it everyday. A picture of the beach as my phone background is nice but I needed something permanent.

I got Puerto Morelos coordinates on my wrist so if I ever start to feel anxious or depressed I can always look down at my wrist or rub those coordinates and get back to having peace with myself again. It’s stupid I know but that tattoo means more to me then many people know. It has meaning and it helps me get through tough situations. That is why I love tattoos because everyone’s tattoo has a different meaning to them. And you may never know what it means, but to them it might save them.

So, here is my first tattoo.

20.8478 degrees N & 86.8755 degrees W… the place that saved me.

If any of you have a tattoo you know that they become very addicting. Once you get one you start to think about the next one you want to get. The pain from the needle is exciting and the adrenaline from getting a tattoo is exciting. So, I told myself that if you want another tattoo then that’s your choice and it’s your body so go for it!

And then…. this happened 🙂

 sorry about my ugly foot 🙂

But, I got this tattoo because the sun and the water are my happiness. Particularly, the sun and the water in Mexico. However, this has meaning to me as well and I absolutely love this one. These are my two favorite things mixed into one and I don’t think anything is more cooler than that!!

Tattoos are great, they are a way for a person to express themselves without having to explain it to anyone else. Celebrity Justin Bieber has numerous tattoos and he gets judged in the public eye every day for them. If you took the time to hear what his tattoos really mean then people would understand that he didn’t just get them for the heck of it. His tattoos help HIM get through rough situations as well.