Why do people live in the desert?

I have never been to a desert. I have seen them in movies and on T.V. and I’m not going to lie… I don’t see what’s so great about them? It’s basically a flat land and it seems like there is nothing for miles and miles. There is usually a lot of sand and hills and I’m pretty sure the desert is extremely humid. Let me tell you, I hate humidity. It not only makes my hair frizz but it feels sticky and you sweat, like a lot a lot.

This is literally my hair when I step outside with humidity in Iowa… can’t imagine what it would be like if I lived in the desert like Arizona or Texas.

I don’t see the benefits of living in the desert.

– The land is undeveloped. – The climate is warmer. – Medical conditions such as allergies and respirator ailments are relieve. – The job market is less competitive. – Housing costs are lower. – An urban metropolis is nowhere in sight. – The scenery is desolate and beautiful.

A leading publisher says that there are numerous reasons for why a person should live in the desert. But to me, these don’t seem like good reasons. I mean they do, but not strong enough reasons for me to choose to live in the desert. Yes, the climate is warmer but like I said, the desert is extremely humid. I don’t know if I could do day in and day out with constant humidity. I truly don’t think I would be happy. I get grumpy and irritable when it’s humid out. Let’s also talk about how dangerous it can be if it gets too humid. A lot of children, pets, and elderly can’t go outside because of the harsh conditions? So why would anyone want to live where they have to be stuck inside all day. All the things listed above can be found anywhere, and the scenery isn’t beautiful in my opinion… it’s flat and dry?

Overall, I think the main reason why people choose to live in the desert is because it is less crowded and their roots dig back to their ancestors living in the desert. If you aren’t a city person the desert will probably be the place for you. In LA for example, there are buildings are almost touching each other and there isn’t a lot of room.

Researchers have found that humidity in the desert can reach a low enough point making the levels easier to prevent diseases specifically lung disease.

I may risk my health to live somewhere that isn’t so humid. I’m not the kind of girl that enjoys feeling like I just took a shower all day. I think I’m going to just take vacations to the desert because I know I won’t have to stay for long. And let’s be real… the views are pretty breathtaking.


Spending a Summer in Mexico

As I made friends with the entertainment team in Mexico… an interesting idea popped in both my friends and I’s heads. Why don’t I go down there during the summer and work as a part of the entertainment team for my summer?

Obviously, there would be cons to that but I could and still can only think of the pros. I mean lets be real here… how amazing would this opportunity be for me? a lot of people have been hesitant of this idea but when people aren’t happy for me that almost makes me want to work harder and go to prove them wrong and prove that I will be alright. I’m going to have to grow up some time… right? I travel for the moments that steal my breath away and fill my soul. My adventure awaits….

Talking to the head of the entertainment team at the hotel that we stay at.. he said that I would have to do an interview and write papers for why I think I am a better fit to work and have this position rather then someone who is a resident of the country… so that honestly makes a lot of sense. But, the bad thing is I wouldn’t be getting paid for working. I would basically be doing it as a volunteer project and for the experience. That is okay for me still though? I mean I want to be an English as a second language teacher to Spanish speaking kids so that would look absolutely incredible on applications and would easily get me into the College of Education. It would be an experience of a lifetime.

I would be alone though, with no family. But like I said before, I need to grow up sooner rather then later. Why not start with this? I would spend half the summer in the Explorers Club with the little kids and the other half I would be entertaining the entire hotel. Could you imagine all the friends I would make from all over the world? This would be incredible.

I would have a place to stay: either at the hotel (the entertainment staff have a big room in the back of the hotel) or at an apartment with all the staff in Puerto Morelos. So I wouldn’t have to pay for food or a hotel… I would have to bring money for shopping and other things I wanted but… remember how I have those two free tickets to where ever Spirit flies, I could use them for my airfare to and from Mexico? so if you really think about it I wouldn’t need that much money because I am there for the experience anyway.

I kind of blew this opportunity off when everyone I talked to about it said it was a bad idea but after writing about this right now it’s starting to come back to me…. I really want to do this. I will get back with you guys on my decision!!! pray for me!




The Cheapest Day’s to Fly for Summer 2017

For many of you.. I am sure you are all looking forward to the warm summer days. I mean who doesn’t? I am also sure a lot of you reading this post are interested in going somewhere for vacation during the summer before you go back to work or school.

Of course the beating question in every travelers mind is the cost of airfare and if they will be able to afford it or not. I know that is the problem in my household. I mean, it’s only my mom and dad and I. Nonetheless, those dollar signs add up pretty quickly and as we all know that the airline companies will do whatever it takes to take your money.

Recently, I did some research about when would be the best time to fly this summer and I found some interesting information that I am excited to share with all of you. I found this website called, “Conde Nast Traveler“.  This website is for all of you traveling guru’s! It interested me but I don’t have a lot of time to dig deep into it because I have so much going on. So, if any of you guys have time take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.

According to CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee, the cheapest day to fly during summer 2017 is June 6th. Where as the most expensive day to fly for the summer of 2017 is July 9th.

If July was the month you were planning to take some time off, then book a flight on the 4th because it is actually the least expensive day to travel during during that month.

Like I said in my latest blog post, booking a flight on a Holiday actually saves you money?! I would have never guessed that.

So if you’re planning to travel during this upcoming summer remember:

-June 6th = the cheapest day to fly

-July 9th = the most expensive day to fly

-Book 2 one way tickets

-Flying out on a Holiday will save you money

– Look up individual tickets for the passengers instead of all together

Okay, there are a few tips from me!! Ready. Set. GO!!!! Go book your dream vacation (just not on July 9th)!!!!!

I have no idea where this is but, I would do anything to be on that lounge chair right now.

Where It All Started

My love for travel happened at a young age.. it’s kind of an odd story actually so I thought I should write about it.

Growing up, a lot of my peers went on marvelous and crazy trips. From London, England to Los Angeles, California. While I on the other hand went to a little and very unknown place called Door County, Wisconsin. Maybe you guys have heard of it but a lot of you probably have not. It is in the northern tip of Wisconsin where it breaks off.

I have gone to Door County every summer since I was maybe 3. I grew up riding in a car for 8 hours and passing through dinky and sketchy cities. I grew up on the lake and with no wifi nor T.V. on vacation. I grew up with no chain restaurants and no name brand shops. I had the “Blue Ox”, “Al’ Johnson’s”, and “Not Licked Yet” to eat at. And, “Harbor Wear”, “Nan & Jerry’s”, and “The Irish House” to shop at. My trips were very different than my friends growing up. I spent my week of vacation in a tiny tiny cabin on Lake Michigan. Yes, that sounds very nice. Our very own cabin but I didn’t get the luxury of going out out to the ocean or dress up all fancy for dinner because this was an old fashion vacation and it didn’t have the modern conveniences. I was following the traditions of my mom and my grandma and my great grandma. My grandma and grandpa went to Door County every year for 47 years.

I would say going to Door County made me more modest and humble because they didn’t offer the most prestigious of things. And, I was okay with that. In 2017, they are building a Jimmy Johns in one of the local towns and none of the townspeople nor vacationers who visit there frequently, agree with that. For me, Door County is a place where there are no chains and you get to take in the beauty of nature, the locals, and the culture of this place that no one has heard about. This is where my love for travel all started though. Passing through cities that no one has ever been to. Eating junk food and stopping at a “Pick and Save” to find the cheapest of snacks. (well known store in Wisconsin). And, Door County will always have a special place in my heart. As I get older however, I am ready to go experience bigger and better things and I am ready to start finding myself through travel.